A study on preparation of catalyst for treatment of mercaptan in natural gas by hydrodesulfurisation process

  • Nguyen Manh Huan
  • Bui Duc Tai
  • Ngo Thuy Phuong
Keywords: Hydrodesulfurisation, natural gas, catalyst, mercaptan


This paper presents the process of making catalyst for treatment of sulfur compounds in natural gas by hydrodesulfurisation process (HDS). Catalysts were prepared by co-impregnation and step-by-step impregnation methods on the γ-Al2O3 support. Active phase and support were modifi ed by nikel and zeolite Y. The physicochemical properties of the catalysts were determined by BET, XRD, TPR, and TPD whilst the catalytic activity was tested by continuous flow reactor. Feeds and products were analysed by GC-UCS using ASTM D5504 method. The results showed that the catalysts prepared by step-by-step impregnation method with Ni addition have good conversion at low temperature and low pressure.


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