Models of naturally weathered and fractured basement in Cuu Long basin

  • Trinh Xuan Cuong
Keywords: Weathered and fractured basement reservoir, basement reservoir model, depositional environment, Cuu Long basin


Integration of data gathered in basement outcrops and tunnels through basement blocks over the world as well as data measured/gathered from the Cuu Long basin and adjacent areas showed that tectonic and other alteration processes to convert tight basement rocks to productive reservoirs were diff erent from location to location. These processes are closely related to the formation and development of the basin. Connectivity between fractured basements and adjacent sands can be infl uenced by paleomorphology and deposition environments. Study results revealed two models for fractured and weathered basement reservoirs: i) basement model with a thick weathered zone (e.g: Bach Ho, Dong Nam Rong, and Ruby), which is typical for basement structures located in the peripheral areas of the basin and less infl uenced by lacustrine environments; and ii) basement model without or with thin weathered rocks (e.g: Su Tu Den, Su Tu Vang, Su Tu Trang, and Ca Ngu Vang), which is typical for basement structure located in the basin depocentre and strongly infl uenced by lacustrine environments.


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