Methods for enhancing production efficiency of gas lift wells in Vietsovpetro oil fields

  • Tong Canh Son
  • Pham Ba Hien
  • Nguyen Huu Nhan
Keywords: Bach Ho oil field, gas lift, chemical mixture, foam


Research for solutions to improve the efficiency of oil production from wells with low production rates and/or flooding is a goal and strategy of the oil companies of Petrovietnam in general and Vietsovpetro in particular. This paper presents the effects of physical and chemical methods on the product flow of gas lift-based production wells both on laboratory and industrial scale in Bach Ho oil field. Chemical mixtures containing paraffin inhibitors and demulsifiers were pumped into the production flow of several wells using the gas lift production method in Bach Ho oil field. Initial results indicate that the output increased by about 7.1 - 80.0%, lift gas volume reduced by 5.6 - 32.7%, and paraffin deposition decreased by 12.1 - 14.1%. These results illustrate the effectiveness and feasibility of aforementioned technique. It is believed that the application of this technique over a broader range would bring increased profit for Vietsovpetro.


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Фунг Динв Txык, Xa Baн бик, Toнг Kaнв Шoн. Пpoблeмы трaнcпортa нефтeй мecтopoждeний бeлый Tигp и Дpaкон по подводвaм. Aзepбайджанcкоe нефтянoе хoзяйcтво. 1999; 6: c. 56 - 59.

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