Side View Seismic Locator and its possible application in Vietnam

  • Nguyen Hong Minh
  • I.A. Chirkin
  • Nguyen Van Phong
  • Nguyen Danh Lam
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Side View Seismic Locator (SVSL) has been applied in oil and gas exploration and production since 1991. Up to now, SVSL has been successfully used for more than 100 oil fields/areas to study fracture distribution, propose well location, optimise well trajectory, monitor the producing reservoir, and improve reservoir management. Due to these achievements, this technology was given a scientific and technological award by the Russian Government in 2009.
This article reviews the bottom line theory and the application of SVSL to solve exploration and production problems in Russia and briefly presents the first test of SVSL in Vietnam. The test shows there are real possibilities to reprocess the 3D field seismic data for application of the SVSL method to study the fractured basement reservoir of offshore oil fields in Vietnam. According to the testing results, the fracture index calculated by SVSL coincides well in terms of general trend with the fracture distribution at the oil field and shows a close correlation with fracture porosity
calculated from the well log data.


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