Some comments on the possibility of middle/late Miocene - Pliocene stratigraphic traps in the centre of Nam Con Son basin

  • Pham Thanh Liem
  • Phan Giang Long
  • Le Hai An
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Stratigraphic traps are a new exploration target in Vietnam. To comment upon the possible existence of stratigraphic traps in the Nam Con Son basin and, in particular, of a Middle/Late Miocene - Pliocene stratigraphic trap in the centre of the Nam Con Son basin requires research on: (i) the regional tectonics which affected the existence and development of deposits; (ii) the sedimentary facies and sedimentary environments; and (iii) the process of formation of turbidite fans in the deep-sea environment in the region.
The deep-sea sediments of the Middle/Late Miocene - Pliocene age in the Nam Con Son basin constitute one of the hydrocarbon plays that are being studied by geo-scientists and international companies active in the oil and gas domain. Here, the present authors wish to introduce a case study which is summarised on the basis of geological, geophysical and drilling data from the centre of the Nam Con Son basin, the views of domestic and foreign geo-scientists of the characteristics of turbidites and the ability of deep-sea sediments to exist as turbidites of the Middle/Late Miocene - Pliocene age in the centre of the Nam Con Son basin.


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